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  1. Dear Tai,
    From the bottom of my heart, I deeply appreciate all videos you make for vietnamese young generation. I think not only in vietnam but also in all over the world, everybody love them… For instance, I am living in Sydney, i watched all of your videos since i knew them last 4 years. I introduced your videos to my friends and family, they all love them in australia… I think to me, i like the video you make how to choose a good friend the most! Because its real and practical… Thank you again Tai. Please spend time for your family as well… They also love you like us… Take care and all the best. Best regards, Annie from Sydney.

    1. Hey Annie,

      That is awesome, thanks for the feedback! I’ve gotten some positive feedback on the friend stuff videos as well. A lot of times, i’m not sure what type of videos the vietnamese community would like me to make. Based on the YouTube view counter, my most popular videos are on the topic of learning english and woman and dating and social communications. Which is interesting because I was not good at any of them when I was young and I still suck at english but everyone keeps telling me they are helpful so I’ll keep on making them! LOL! I will definitely make more videos on how to find and make good friends. Again, thanks for the feedback and let me know if you have any suggestions for future videos.

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